var topics = Array(); topics[0] = new Object(); topics[0]["title"] = "Senate candidate Roy Moore's accuser: I was a 14-year-old child"; topics[0]["description"] = "Leigh Corfman alleges that Alabama's Roy Moore molested her when she was 14."; topics[0]["link"] = ""; topics[1] = new Object(); topics[1]["title"] = "Senator Al Franken accused of misconduct by second woman"; topics[1]["description"] = "The accuser says the Democratic senator \"grabbed my butt\" at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010."; topics[1]["link"] = ""; topics[2] = new Object(); topics[2]["title"] = "Georgia Dome stadium crumbles in controlled demolition"; topics[2]["description"] = "Around 5,000lb of explosives were used to bring down one of the biggest dome structures in the US."; topics[2]["link"] = ""; topics[3] = new Object(); topics[3]["title"] = "Trump blasts 'ungrateful' dad of UCLA player released by police"; topics[3]["description"] = "President Trump accuses the father of a UCLA basketball player released from detention in China of being ungrateful for his intervention"; topics[3]["link"] = ""; topics[4] = new Object(); topics[4]["title"] = "Charles Manson dies aged 83 after four decades in prison"; topics[4]["description"] = "The cult leader sent his followers to commit a series of brutal murders in the late 1960s."; topics[4]["link"] = ""; topics[5] = new Object(); topics[5]["title"] = "South Carolina suspect steals police car then crashes"; topics[5]["description"] = "South Carolina police were surprised when a suspect they just booked escapes in one of their cars."; topics[5]["link"] = ""; topics[6] = new Object(); topics[6]["title"] = "US border agent dead and partner injured 'brutally beaten'"; topics[6]["description"] = "They were attacked with rocks not far from the Mexico border, a US border patrol official says."; topics[6]["link"] = ""; topics[7] = new Object(); topics[7]["title"] = "Marshawn Lynch targeted by Trump for Mexico anthem protest"; topics[7]["description"] = "\"Great disrespect!\" tweets the US president of the Oakland Raiders star who sat for the US anthem."; topics[7]["link"] = ""; topics[8] = new Object(); topics[8]["title"] = "Vincente Fox warns Trudeau not to be 'Judas' on Nafta"; topics[8]["description"] = "Mexico's former president warns Canada not to betray them by striking a trade deal with the US."; topics[8]["link"] = ""; topics[9] = new Object(); topics[9]["title"] = "Florida plane highway crash caught on dashcams"; topics[9]["description"] = "The crash was caught on the dashcams of two police officers."; topics[9]["link"] = ""; topics[10] = new Object(); topics[10]["title"] = "Nebraska approves Keystone XL pipeline"; topics[10]["description"] = "A remaining obstacle to the 1,179-mile pipeline is removed with approval from a Nebraska commission."; topics[10]["link"] = ""; topics[11] = new Object(); topics[11]["title"] = "Okinawa car crash sparks US troops alcohol ban in Japan"; topics[11]["description"] = "A Marine is under arrest for drink-driving after a deadly crash stokes resentment on Okinawa."; topics[11]["link"] = ""; topics[12] = new Object(); topics[12]["title"] = "Canada deer trapped in hammock still on the loose"; topics[12]["description"] = "Nicknamed \"Hammy\" because his antlers got tangled in a hammock, the deer is now a local celebrity."; topics[12]["link"] = ""; topics[13] = new Object(); topics[13]["title"] = "US writer Zinzi Clemmons accuses Girls star Lena Dunham of 'hipster racism'"; topics[13]["description"] = "Zinzi Clemmons accuses Lena Dunham of continuing to support friends who made racist jokes during university years."; topics[13]["link"] = ""; topics[14] = new Object(); topics[14]["title"] = "Devil's disciples"; topics[14]["description"] = "Charles Manson and his followers were convicted of killing nine people in 1969. What happened next?"; topics[14]["link"] = ""; topics[15] = new Object(); topics[15]["title"] = "Cleaning up"; topics[15]["description"] = "Jeff Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier set up their vegan skincare firm to fund their art, now it makes nearly $1m a year."; topics[15]["link"] = ""; topics[16] = new Object(); topics[16]["title"] = "Murdoch's next move"; topics[16]["description"] = "Several firms are reported to be interested in parts of 21st Century Fox, but would Murdoch really sell?"; topics[16]["link"] = ""; topics[17] = new Object(); topics[17]["title"] = "Loneliness epidemic "; topics[17]["description"] = "A former US surgeon general warns there is a growing \"epidemic\" of loneliness threatening our health."; topics[17]["link"] = ""; topics[18] = new Object(); topics[18]["title"] = "Corker's crusade"; topics[18]["description"] = "Senator Bob Corker is at odds with a president who wants to cut foreign aid drastically."; topics[18]["link"] = ""; topics[19] = new Object(); topics[19]["title"] = "Flying high"; topics[19]["description"] = "Mechanical engineering intern Camille Eddy tells 100 Women how her mum changed her future."; topics[19]["link"] = ""; topics[20] = new Object(); topics[20]["title"] = "Dying to fit in"; topics[20]["description"] = "So far in 2017 four fraternity members have died on US college campuses."; topics[20]["link"] = ""; topics[21] = new Object(); topics[21]["title"] = "Gimme shelter"; topics[21]["description"] = "Inspired by her mother's childhood, an Ontario teenager tells the stories of those who sleep rough."; topics[21]["link"] = ""; topics[22] = new Object(); topics[22]["title"] = "Trump touts big energy deals in Asia"; topics[22]["description"] = "Analysts have doubts over whether big energy deals between the US and China will be finalised."; topics[22]["link"] = ""; topics[23] = new Object(); topics[23]["title"] = "Credit Suisse to pay $135m to settle NY investigation"; topics[23]["description"] = "NY investigators find the bank's foreign exchange unit engaged in \"unlawful, unsafe and unsound conduct\"."; topics[23]["link"] = ""; topics[24] = new Object(); topics[24]["title"] = "Qualcomm rejects Broadcom takeover bid"; topics[24]["description"] = "The chipmaker says the $103bn offer from its rival \"dramatically\" undervalues the company."; topics[24]["link"] = ""; topics[25] = new Object(); topics[25]["title"] = "Meteor streaks across Arizona sky"; topics[25]["description"] = "The city of Phoenix captures a meteor on camera as the bright light flashed across the sky."; topics[25]["link"] = ""; topics[26] = new Object(); topics[26]["title"] = "SWAT team searches Florida neighbourhood for serial killer"; topics[26]["description"] = "A Tampa resident was in for quite a surprise when she opened her door to a SWAT team this week."; topics[26]["link"] = ""; topics[27] = new Object(); topics[27]["title"] = "Bodycam footage shows deadly Las Vegas police confrontation"; topics[27]["description"] = "Footage shows the moment police fatally shot a man who was wrestling a woman over a gun."; topics[27]["link"] = ""; topics[28] = new Object(); topics[28]["title"] = "Trump: 'N Korea supported acts of international terrorism'"; topics[28]["description"] = "The US president has designated Kim Jong-un's regime as a state sponsor of terrorism, triggering a new round of sanctions."; topics[28]["link"] = ""; topics[29] = new Object(); topics[29]["title"] = "Watch highlights from the 2017 American Music Awards"; topics[29]["description"] = "Diana Ross was given a lifetime achievement in music accolade."; topics[29]["link"] = ""; topics[30] = new Object(); topics[30]["title"] = "Why do so many US women die giving birth?"; topics[30]["description"] = "While progress has been made to curb death rates in other countries, the US has seen an increase."; topics[30]["link"] = ""; topics[31] = new Object(); topics[31]["title"] = "Charles Manson dies after four decades in prison"; topics[31]["description"] = "He was the head of a cult, known as the Manson family, which he directed to commit murders."; topics[31]["link"] = ""; topics[32] = new Object(); topics[32]["title"] = "'Crying every day': Haitians could be sent home under Trump"; topics[32]["description"] = "Haitians granted protected status in the US face an uncertain future under the Trump administration."; topics[32]["link"] = ""; topics[33] = new Object(); topics[33]["title"] = "'Love has no border': Getting married at the US-Mexico border's 'door of hope'."; topics[33]["description"] = "Every few months, US authorities open the gate to the fence separating the two countries and allow families to meet without a visa."; topics[33]["link"] = ""; topics[34] = new Object(); topics[34]["title"] = "The world's biggest lithium battery farm"; topics[34]["description"] = "The plant in the US state of California stores enough energy to power 20,000 homes for four hours."; topics[34]["link"] = ""; topics[35] = new Object(); topics[35]["title"] = "Fire engulfs Pennsylvania nursing home, injuring 20 people"; topics[35]["description"] = "The fire injured more than 20 residents and took authorities over two hours to bring under control."; topics[35]["link"] = ""; topics[36] = new Object(); topics[36]["title"] = "The humanoid robot that can do a backflip"; topics[36]["description"] = "Atlas, a humanoid robot developed by Boston Dynamics, is now able to perform backflips."; topics[36]["link"] = ""; topics[37] = new Object(); topics[37]["title"] = "Tesla shows off new truck and surprise Roadster"; topics[37]["description"] = "Tesla shows off a long awaited truck, but surprises with its new Roadster sports car."; topics[37]["link"] = ""; function write_topic(num) { num--; if (topics[num]) { document.write("" + topics[num]['title'] + ""); document.write("
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